Elected Representatives


Students’ Council 2017-2018

Co-Presidents: Saumya Varma ’18 and Julia Blake ’19


Co-Vice Presidents – YanCheng Dai ’18


Co-Treasurers – Cesar Meric ’20 and Saif Kureishi ’20

Hi Haverford! We are Cesar Meric  and Saif Kureishi and we are really excited to be serving as your Co-Treasurers this year. We are both sophomores thinking of majoring in Economics and Sociology, and Economics and Physics respectively. We are both international students who have lived in over a combined 15 countries. Interestingly enough, we both knew each other from high school when our high schools (International School Manila and Singapore American School respectively) participated in the same MUN conference and Forensics and Debate competition, clueless of the fact that we would meet again a year later, but here we are now! Our goal this year is to make the whole budgetary process more transparent and efficient, as well as easier to follow providing a set of instructions and tutorials for all of you.

Feel free to come to our office hours or reach out for any budgetary concerns at scmoney@haverford.edu.


Co-Secretaries – Katie Leifermann ’20 and Mariana Ramirez ’20


Officer of Academics – Victoria Merino ’20

Hello! My name is Victoria Merino and I am very excited to be Haverford’s next Officer of Academics. A little blurb about myself: I was born in Mexico City but my family is a mix (or a mess) of nationalities – including Swiss/Brazilian/Spanish/English. I am a rising Sophomore and will most likely be majoring in Chemistry at Haverford with a double-minor in Neuroscience and French. On campus, I am part of Haverford’s Innovation Platform (HIP), Women in STEM, the Alliance of Latin American Students (ALAS), and Student Council. As part of S.C., my goal is to reshape academics based on student and faculty feedback and develop more academic opportunities for the HC community to engage with challenges in our society. Fun fact: I have two dogs, one is named Gordon and the other one is Chimichanga (which was supposed to be a joke but she doesn’t respond to anything else).

My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vvvicmma

Email: vmerino@haverford.edu


Officer of the Arts – Cole Sansom ’19

My name is Cole Sansom (he/him/his) and I’m a Junior English Major with a minor in Film. On Campus I am a photographer for the Communications Office, write, direct, and act for ‘Off the Spot’ (Haverford’s only, only-sketch comedy group),and run Flim Clob. I’m looking forward to being your Officer the Arts, and my goal is to raise awareness of arts events and communities on campus as well as to work with affinity groups to create art in public spaces on campus.


Officer of Athletics – Rachel Romens ’18

Hello! My name is Rachel Romens (she/hers) and I am the Officer of Athletics this year. I am a senior Psychology major from Wisconsin and some of my interests including playing goalie for the women’s lacrosse team and serving as a SAAC representative. Something fun you might not know about me is I used to competitively Irish dance when I was younger! Two of my big goals for this year as the Officer of Athletics include supporting wellness of all students across campus and increasing visibility and transparency of athletic programming and resources on campus. If you have thoughts or concerns you’d like to share, please feel free to reach out to me directly at rromens@haverford.edu.


Officer of Campus Life – Jake Bernstein ’19

Hello! My name is Jake Ogata Bernstein. I am a Junior from Milton, MA, USA, majoring in Geology at Bryn Mawr and minoring in the Tri-Co Environmental Studies program, although my academic interests also include nanoscale biophysics, the history of science, studies of disease, and the origin of life. I love to engage in extracurricular activities: in addition to classes and Students’ Council, I am involved in theater and music, Admissions, science research, and all sorts of other things. I enjoy climbing trees, taking naps on Founders Green, riding my bike, and staying up late talking about just about anything.

This year, my role as Officer of Campus Life (OCL) on Students’ Council means that I will be working to make your voice, both as an individual and as a member of the community, heard—in the community and among the administration. I will also work to ensure that decisions pertaining to student life—including dorms, facilities projects, club budgeting, committee appointments, and special events—are transparent and take into account the diverse perspectives and intricate well-being of the student body as a whole. Please come up and talk to me any time you have thoughts, ideas, concerns, questions, or want to talk!


Officer of Multiculturalism – Lesli Luqueno ’20

Hello Haverworld! My name is Leslie Luqueño and I am serving as the Officer of Multiculturalism on Students’ Council this year. My overall goal for this year is to promote intersectionality in the projects I am working on as well as to continue being a voice for students from marginalized communities during Students’ Council meetings. Some of my projects for this year are to create a student advisory board for LIFTFAR, work with the OMA to restructure re[ACT] conversations, pursue creating a pocket of money during the budgeting process specifically for affinity groups and community housing, connect first-generation students with first-generation professors in a series of events, as well as work with some of my peers to create a low-income and first-generation student resource center. Aside from being in Students’ Council, I am also the co-head of the Alliance of Latin American Students, News Editor for The Clerk, a host and multicultural recruitment intern at the Admissions Office, and a resident of the Existence as Resistance community house. During my free time, I enjoy taking trips to Philly, hanging out with friends, and writing. If you have any suggestions/comments/questions, feel free to email me at lluqueno@haverford.edu.


Representative of International Students- Shayan Hashemi ’19

Senior Class Representative – Joey Leroux ’18


Junior Class Representative – Simon Poser ’19

Hello everyone! My name is Simon and I serve as the Junior Class Representative on Student’s Council. I’m from Brooklyn, NY and I am a Political Science major at Haverford. In addition to being on student’s council, I am on the editorial board of the Haverford Clerk, Haverford College’s newspaper. I also am a part of the Haverford International Relations Society, Archery Club, and the Safety Committee. In regards to my position on council, I am working on a few initiatives this semester. First, I am working in partnership with Student Activities Office to fund transportation to Haverford’s polling place to make it easier for students to both learn about and vote in local elections. With respect to student life, I am also working to create more events for students who are majoring in the same subject to get to know each other better. Lastly, I have been talking with Tom King about ways to create more awareness about safety issues on campus. If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share, please reach out to me at sposer@haverford.edu.

Sophomore Class Representative – Sydney Churchill ’20

Hey hey! My name is Sydney Churchill and I am the Sophomore Representative. My goal on Student Council is to address a lot of the issues around work study and financial aid as well as to address other issues that affect campus life for low income students. In terms of campus life, I want to make laundry free on campus and scanning free on campus. Issues around work study and financial aid that I want to address include but are not limited to: getting priority for students on work study for on-campus summer jobs, compensating students for increasing earnings expectations year to year and eventually the dream would be to raise minimum wage on campus for student workers, particularly student workers on financial aid. Currently I am working on addressing work study priority for on campus summer jobs but would love to make some progress on all of these projects this year. If you have any suggestions, want to get involved with any of these projects in any capacity or have any concerns feel free to email me (schurchill@haverford.edu)!!

Freshman Class Representative – Noorie Chowdhury ’21