Elected Representatives

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Students’ Council 2018-2019

Co-Presidents: Maurice Rippel ’19 and Andrew Eaddy ’19

Maurice Rippel ‘19 has established himself as a campus leader since his first year at Haverford, representing the first-year class on Honor Council, and later the campus as Co-Secretary. During his sophomore year, Maurice continued his efforts, and to encourage important dialogue on campus through his role as Editor-in-Chief for Haverford’s only independent newspaper The Clerk as well as through inviting the distinguished Shaun King to Haverford to speak on issues of race and mass incarceration as part of CCAS. During his sophomore year Maurice also helped organize the #We’reNotHeretoSayThankYou campaign, working with students and the administration to support students on financial aid at Haverford. Presently, Maurice is a member of the Presidential Search Committee, the  LIFTFAR Advisory Council helping to provide resources to students with financial aid, as well as the Committee on Student Standing and Special Programs where he supports students who may be facing academic challenges as well as those students who seek to pursue independent majors at Haverford.

Andrew Eaddy ‘19 has a track record of facilitating conversations on behalf of the student body with campus staff and administration. Formerly, this has meant advocating and working on behalf of first-year students serving as a PAF, and later on as a PAF Committee member in 2016-2017, as well as serving for a year on the First Year Dean’s Council. However, he has also worked on a wider variety of campus initiatives surrounding diversity and multiculturalism through the OMA where he has worked to facilitate collaboration between affinity groups on campus in addition to acting as the office’s liaison to the Office of the President, as well as an editor and Director of Special Projects on The Clerk. Andrew currently sits as a student representative to the Council for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) and serves as the Honor Council Junior Representative, in addition to serving as the Haverford Innovations Platform’s Students’ Council Representative.


Co-Vice Presidents – Sydney Churchill ’20 and Shayan Hashemi ’19

Sydney Churchill ’20 has participated in various aspects of campus life throughout the past two years. She worked at Institutional Advancement during her Freshman year, giving her insight into the way in which donors are recruited and the significant ways in which they can influence life at Haverford. She also worked in the DC for part of her freshman year and at the Science Library during her Sophomore year, so she has had a variety of experiences as a Student-Worker on campus. During her Sophomore year she was also a Peer Awareness Facilitator, Sophomore Rep for Students’ Council and was on the Crew team. Next year she will continue to work in the Science Library and participate in Crew in addition to Student’s Council. Last year on Student’s Council she worked with a group of stucco representatives to allocate Student Council funds to LIFTFAR for winter break expenses for low-income students and is interested in continuing this work (and other projects!!) ideally with institutional funds.

Shayan Hashemi ’19 has held a number of leadership positions since his first year at Haverford, contributing to health and wellness on campus, international student life, and the Customs program. An active member of the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), Shayan served as a Blood Drive Coordinator during his first year and as a Co-Head of the Committee during his sophomore and junior years; he is currently collaborating with a group of Haverford students and alumni to address students’ issues with health insurance on campus. To positively impact international student life on campus, Shayan participated in the International Student Orientation program as a Resource Person during his sophomore year and represented the international student body on Students’ Council during his junior year. As part of Students’ Council, he got to voice international students’ needs and concerns, work with the staff, and serve on the search committee for the position of Coordinator of International Affairs. Additionally, Shayan took part in the Customs program as an Upper-Class Advisor (UCA) during his junior year to pursue his passion for mentoring and academic advising.

Co-Treasurers – Alejandro Wences ’19 and Daniel Mayo ’19

Alejandro Wences ‘19 has pushed forward to be an advocate for a better Haverford community, participating in a variety of activities that deal with the community. During his first year, he became part of the Quaker Bouncer Board and Co-Treasurer where he looks toward ways to improve the safety of those at parties. He also works at the Coop where he looks forward to meeting customers satisfaction. During his second year, he became a CP and a CP-Committee member where he sought to better support his and future first-years. He also joined the OAR and Puentes De Salud intern team where he supported others in the academic pursuits. During his third-year, Alejandro became multicultural recruitment intern in the admissions office, Existence as Resistance Community House, and co-started Ford’s First, remaining active in these activities as he studied abroad in Belgium. Through participating in these varieties of activities, Alejandro has developed skills in time-management, facilitation, and conflict resolution. With his final undergraduate year upon him, he looks forward to finding ways to support low-income and first-generation students in his new role as Co-Treasurer and as a PAF.

Danny Mayo ‘19 has displayed himself as an active member on campus since his first year, participating in a variety of activities. During his first year, Danny began working at the CCPA and the Coop, where he soon became a Student Manager. His sophomore year, Danny acted as a class representative on Honor Council, a multicultural recruitment intern at the Admission Office, a member of the First-Year Dean Search Committee, and an executive board member for the Quest Scholars Committee. In addition, Danny has worked with Customs as both a team member, a CP, and a committee member, AMA. By participating in a variety of activities on campus, Danny has been able to develop facilitation, multitasking, and leadership skills. This past fall semester, prior to studying abroad in Spain, Danny remained active in his campus roles. Now, Danny is excited to return for his final year where he hopes he will be able to find ways he may support low-income and first-generation students in his new role as Co-Treasurer.


Co-Secretaries – Katie Leifermann ’20 and Mariana Ramirez ’20



Officer of Academics – Ethan Lyne ’19

Ethan Lyne ‘19 has worked as an advocate to address issues that are often overlooked by students at Haverford for three years and hopes to continue this work into his last year.  In his first year, he co-founded No Labels, a non-partisan political club that sought to increase political involvement at Haverford. He has also served in leadership positions for the Bi-College News, hoping to revitalize what once was the primary source of news for the Bi-Co community. In the upcoming year, he hopes to continue these efforts as a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Bi-Co News and on the leadership of Haverford Votes, a coalition of faculty, staff, and students that seek to increase voter registration, education, and mobilization. He also will be an AMA this year, which will be his second year in the Customs program, and is a member of the club soccer team.

Officer of the Arts – Rachel Kline ’20

Rachel Kline ’20 has always been a proponent of the arts and humanities at Haverford through her work on campus with students and administrators. Last year, she served as a member of the Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities Student Advisory Board. Responsibilities included organizing student exhibition spaces and providing grant money for student artists’ projects. During the 2018-2019 academic year, Rachel will also be serving as a co-head of the Ford Explorers, a student club that organizes monthly trips into Philadelphia and helps students utilize the great academic and extracurricular resources offered in the city. When she’s not on campus, Rachel is probably visiting a museum in Philadelphia, as she has been a summer intern at both the Penn Museum and the National Museum of American Jewish History. As Officer of the Arts, Rachel hopes to bring awareness to students of all majors about arts events and opportunities on campus and work with administration to promote student use of the city’s art museums. 

Officer of Athletics – Claire Cai ’21

Claire Cai ’21 is determined to amplify discussions about how marginalized identities are treated within the athletic community and increase accessibility to athletic venues. Claire is on the women’s varsity fencing team and will be the women’s epee squad leader during the 2018-2019 season. In high school, Claire was part of the Race Relations club and worked on projects inviting guest speakers to the school and met with local leaders to better understand how her community can unite against hate. As Student Council Officer of Athletics, her biggest goal is to have at least one person on each athletic team and even non-athletic clubs act as a PAF-like position to facilitate necessary discussions. She will also be a TA for the German Department. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and reading Bertolt Brecht’s lehrstücke.

Officer of Campus Life – Tina Le ’19

It cannot be denied that Tina Le ’19 is invested in the current culture and potential progress of Haverford. You probably know her name from the many Customs-related emails that she sends out as one of the 2018 Customs Co-Heads, but before taking on this much bigger role, Tina has been participating and facilitating conversations about Haverford and its relationship to the greater world as first a PAF and then as PAF Co-Head for the 2016-2017 school year. She is currently also a part of Clearness Committee which is dedicated to collecting feedback from the student body, faculty members, and administrators about on comments and concerns regarding student life at Haverford. You can usually find Tina behind the front desk in IITS (Stokes 204!), at one of the window tables in the campus center, or breaking a sweat at the GIAC; she’d love to talk with you about any ideas/comments/concerns that you have regarding campus life or Customs at Haverford, but also would be just as content if you just wanted to say hi!


Officer of Multiculturalism – Jhoneidy Javier ’19


Representative of International Students- 



Senior Class Representative – Julia Blake ’19



Junior Class Representative – Katie Guild ’18

Katie Guild ’20 has established herself as an active member of the Haverford Community, through the facilitation of and participation in conversations surrounding the well-being and concerns of the student body. Following her first year at Haverford, Katie worked to facilitate discussions surrounding identity and acted as a resource for first year students as a PAF, later taking on the role of PAF Committee Head for a brief while. The following year, Katie joined the newly formed Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Committee, specifically the Mental Health Working Group.  Katie continues to work alongside the committee group members, administration, faculty, and staff to engage the community in conversations surrounding mental health, and to foster a more supportive and sustainable environment for students.


Sophomore Class Representative – 



Freshman Class Representative –