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Students' Council is an elected body that advocates on behalf of students, serves as representatives to the Board of Managers, appoints students to all major committees at the College, and distributes the activities budget to all student clubs and groups.

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Students' Council meets on Sundays. Please see "Meeting Times and Locations."

The Co-Presidents hold office hours on Wednesdays at 8:45 a.m. in the Coop at Whitehead Campus Center.


Contact Rudolf Hernandez and Addison Conn at



Courtesy of: Liza Alpert ’13

Plenary, which occurs in the Fall and Spring, is a gathering of the student body to discuss issues on campus, as well as the Alcohol Policy (ratified in the Fall) and the Honor Code (ratified in the Spring).

We convene in the GIAC’s Calvin Gooding Arena, where students present resolutions for question and answer, discussion, and voting. Resolutions passed by the Students’ Association are viewed as the will of the body, and Students’ Council is then tasked with the carrying out and upholding of any changes or initiatives.

Below are some old plenary packets and minutes for reference..

Fall 2015 Plenary Minutes

Fall 2015 Plenary Packet

Spring 2015 Plenary Packet

Spring 2015 Plenary Minutes

Fall 2014 Plenary Minutes

Fall 2014 Plenary Packet

Corrected version of Resolution #1 (Fall 2014 Plenary Packet)

Spring 2014 Plenary Minutes

Spring 2014 Plenary Packet

Fall 2013 Plenary Packet

Spring 2012 Plenary Packet

Fall 2011 Plenary Minutes

Fall 2011 Plenary Packet

Spring 2011 Plenary Minutes

Spring 2011 Plenary Packet

Fall 2010 Plenary Minutes

Fall 2010 Plenary Packet

Spring 2010 Plenary Packet

Fall 2009 Plenary Packet