The Budgeting Committee of Students’ Council is responsible for funding all clubs at Haverford College, and distributes upwards of $200,000 per semester funding many events, activities, and speakers on campus!

The Budgeting Committee consists of the Treasurer and the Officers of Academics, Arts, Athletics, Campus Life, Multicultural Affairs, the Representative of International Students and each Class.

The committee has three roles:
1) to allot the activities fund at the beginning of each semester to Haverford and Bi-Co organizations;
2) to communicate with and assist organizations throughout the semester;
3) to administer the Student Business Venture policy.

Budgeting occurs within the first three weeks of each semester. A compulsory meeting and optional Q&A sessions are held to explain the process to organization leaders. Budgeting Guidelines as well as Budgeting Forms are available here, and over emails that are sent out in advance of the budgeting period. All groups must fill out and return the budgeting application by the deadline and sign-up for an interview to go over the budget requests. Once preliminary budgets are announced, groups may attend grievance sessions to appeal the budgeting if they feel they received less than is merited. Final budgets will be released shortly after. All budgets must be ultimately approved by SC as a whole.

Clubs are required to submit budgets that detail all of their proposed projects and events, and then come to office hours over the course of the semester to receive checks/reimbursements from the treasurers.

Last year, Students’ Council and the Self Government Association of Bryn Mawr College came to a new Bi-College Budgeting Agreement, which dictates the way the two student governments will approach funding for clubs that are Bi-College.

Office hours are held once or twice every week and are meant to be a time for all students who have questions for the Treasurers or need to be paid back for an expense on behalf of their club.

These office hours are open to all members of the student body and located in Stokes 022 (Student Life Office). If you are unable to make it to office hours and have a pressing matter that requires a check please email scmoney@haverford.edu and send the name of the person the check must be made out to, the amount and a copy/scan/picture of the receipt.