Q: What is Appointments Committee?

A: There are currently 33 committees at Haverford with student representatives serving on them. These representatives are chosen by Appointments Committee, which is comprised of the SC Vice Presidents (Chairs of Appointments Committee), all five Officers on SC, and the four class representatives. As a body of representatives elected by the general study body, Appointments Committee strives to choose committee representatives without bias or agenda in an effort to best serve the students.

Q: Who will be interviewing me?

A: Appointments Committee, which means there will not necessarily be anyone interviewing you who currently serves on the committee for which you are applying. There are 11 people on the Committee and at least five will be present at the interview.  Additionally, all of your interviewers are elected Students’ Council representatives.

Q: Why isn’t the committee I’m applying to be on interviewing me?

A: Given the sheer number of committees on campus, holding elections for every open position would be completely impractical (we’d be electing people all year!). Instead, a group of students who are elected by the student body appoint people to fill these positions on behalf of the student body. Having a separate, unbiased committee appoint these representatives is meant to combat any conflict of interest that might be present if committees filled their open positions themselves. Appointments Committee hopes to maintain its integrity by appointing the applicants best qualified from the pool of interviewees.

Q: How long will the interview be?

A: Aside from AMA, Customs, PAF, & HCO Heads interviews, which are 20 minutes, all interviews are 15 minutes or less.

Q: What can I do to prepare for my interview?

•    Talk to someone who currently holds the position you would like (another representative, the current heads, etc.) and/or the administrative advisor of the committee.

•    Know what you bring in terms of skills and experience that make you a good applicant.

•    Be prepared to say what you’ve already said in the application again and in more detail.

•    When applicable, have specific ideas of how to improve or enhance what the committee does already (e.g. brainstorm new events, mention ways to improve communication or transparency, etc.).

Q: What other tips are there?

•         Be enthusiastic about the position for which you’re applying! That goes a long way.

•         Be on time (or early) to the interview.

•         Try to relax, if you can, and don’t be intimidated by all the people in the room!

Q: How competitive is the selection process?

A: Many talented people apply for these committees.  Hence, the appointments process is very selective.  If you are not appointed to a committee please consider applying for a different committee.  Many people apply for multiple committees before finding one that is right for them.