Current Student Appointments

Current Committees and Student Representatives

Academic Spaces Planning Committee: The two representatives have graduated. There will be two appointments next year.

Academic Integrity Committee: Cory Saunders ’17. One representative has graduated. There will be one appointment next year.

Administrative Advisory Committee (AAC):  Conor Brennan-Burke ’16, Andrew Glasser ’17 & Brian Guggenheimer ’16

Alumni Association Executive Committee (AAEC): Eden Heller ’16. There is one open position.

Arboretum Association Executive Committee: Jeanne Quinn ’16 & Annika Ulrich ’18

Clearness Committee: This committee is over and will reconvene in 2018.

Collection Committee: Alison Marqusee ’16, Rebecca Lewinsohn ’16, & Katherine Poje ’16. There are two open positions.

Committee on College Honors, Fellowships, and Prizes: Alexandra Lamacki ’16, & Michaela Novakovic ’17. There is one open position.

Committee on Environmental Responsibility (CER): Alana Tartaro ’17, Adriana Cvitkovic ’16, Alexandra Zezulin ’17,  & Chloe Wang ’17. There are two open positions.

*Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility (CISR): Jasmin Palmer ’17. There are four open positions.

Committee on Student Standing and Programs (CSSP): Renee King ’16, Tamar Hoffman ’16, Michaela Novakovic ’17.

Commencement Committee

Class of 2016: Brandon Henken ’16, Olivia Walsh ’16, Jee Soo Kang ’16, Alexis Williams ’16

There are two open positions for the Class of 2016 and four for the class of 2017. 

Customs Program Heads: Jin Yoon ’16 & Daniel Vasquez ’16

Ambassador of Multiculturalism (AMA) Co-Heads: Naomi Chaqueco ’17 & Jessica Feng ’16

Customs Co-Heads: Rachel Lee ’17 & Stephen Davis ’17

Honor Code Orienteers (HCO) Co-Heads: Carolyn Woodruff ’17 & Grace Thiele ’17

Peer Awareness Facilitator (PAF) Co-Heads: Alexandra Lamacki ’16 & Neal Patel ’16

Dining Services Development Committee:  Lucy Koch ’17  & Jason Hirsch ’16. There are four open positions.

Educational Policy Committee (EPC): Jessica Libow ’16. There is one open position.

Experimental College (Ex-Co) Heads: There are two open positions.

Haverfest Heads (2015): Marilyn Baffoe-Bonnie ’16. The position is open for next year.

Honor Council Librarian: Jeremy Steinberg ’16. This is a year-long appointment and there will be one appointment next year.

Housing Committee Co-Heads (2014-2015):  Kristin Tatum ’16. This is a year-long appointment and two will be appointed next year.

Humanities Center Advisory Board (2011-2012): There will be three appointments done in the fall.

James House President: There will be one or two appointments in the fall.

*Multicultural Representative to the Student Affairs Committee on the Board of Managers: Yancheng Dai ’18.

Library Student Advisory Committee: Katherine Poje ’16. There will be one appointed next year.

Speakers Committee: Sophia Gant ’16, Ava Lichauco ’16, & Madeline Durante ‘1./ There will be more appointments next year.

Special Events Committee for Students (SECS) Co-Heads (2010-2011):  There will be one to three appointments in the fall.

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Head: There will be one appointment in the fall.

Yearbook Editor: Saumya Varma ’18. There will be one or two appointments next year.


 * denotes a Board of Managers committee