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Students' Council is an elected body that advocates on behalf of students, serves as representatives to the Board of Managers, appoints students to all major committees at the College, and distributes the activities budget to all student clubs and groups.

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Students' Council meets on Sundays. Please see "Meeting Times and Locations."

The Co-Presidents hold office hours on Wednesdays at 8:45 a.m. in the Coop at Whitehead Campus Center.


Contact Rudolf Hernandez and Addison Conn at



There are currently 33 committees at Haverford with student representatives serving on them. The committees range in purpose from environmental policy, to decisions on the College’s budget, to running the Customs Program for freshmen. The representatives are appointed by Appointments Committee, comprised of the SC Vice Presidents (Chairs of Appointments Committee), all five Officers on SC, and the four class representatives (see below for a list of the Fall 2015 members of Appointments Committee). As a body of representatives elected by the general study body, Appointments Committee strives to choose committee representatives without bias or agenda in an effort to best serve the students. Applications for open positions are sent out on a weekly basis and the schedule for this semester will be available soon.

For descriptions and contacts for each committee, please click the above link, “Descriptions & Contacts.”

For some of the most frequently asked questions, please click the above link, “FAQ.”

For a list of current committees and their representatives, please click the above link, “Student Representatives.”

Members of Appointments Committee for Fall 2016

Chairs: Julia Blake ’19 and Sergio Diaz ’17

Officer of Academics – Henry Li ’19
Officer of Arts – Clayton Brandt ’17
Officer of Athletics- Madison Skerrit ’17
Officer of Campus Life – Saumya Varma ’18
Officer of Multiculturalism- Adedoyin Eisape ’17
Representative of International Students- Susie Siyu Jiang ’18
Senior Class Representative – Michael Furey ’17
Junior Class Representative – Walt Plumlee  ’18
Sophomore Class Representative – Sydney Dorman ’19
Freshman Class Representative –