Students’ Council is composed of

  • Co-Presidents
  • Co-Vice Presidents
  • Co-Treasurers
  • Co-Secretaries
  • The Officers: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Campus Life, and Multiculturalism,
  • International Student’s Representative
  • Representatives from each class year

At Haverford we place a huge emphasis on student self-governance, an overarching term used to describe the involvement of students in the workings of the College, and the extent to which Students’ Council is a completely student-run organization.

Student self-governance is strongly related to the values and ideals of the College, including the Honor Code; students are afforded a large amount of autonomy and may use this opportunity to influence and shape the experiences they wish to have, as well as to shape the future of Haverford. At Haverford, every student has the opportunity, the resources, and the responsibility to make changes that they think are necessary.

Student self-governance manifests itself in different ways. Students’ Council works with administrators, Board members, and faculty members throughout the year, advocating for the interests and needs of students. Students’ Council is responsible for allocating money each semester to the 150 different clubs and organizations that go through the budgeting process. It is also responsible for appointing members to the many different committees on Haverford’s campus that deal with different aspects of student life.

The Co-Presidents meet with the President and the Deans weekly to review and discuss ideas and student interests. As stakeholders in the community, the voices, opinions, and ideas of students are present on almost every committee at Haverford, from the committee that sets the budget to the committee that creates and reviews the admission policies and criteria.

Each officer and representative brings a unique perspective and interest to council and are able to work on individual projects as well as larger council goals.

Students’ Council meets at 5:15pm on Sundays in Students Activities Room in the DC Basement.