3/25/18 Minutes

Students’ Council Weekly Meeting

Sunday 25 March 2018



Meeting Minutes


Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Special Plenary
    1. IITS Meeting
    2. Space
    3. Food
    4. Resolutions
  3. Moment of Silence


  1. Welcome


  1. Special Plenary


  • IITS Meeting


  • Julia: We had a meeting this week with ITS and Alex Stern. Alex wants to create ways to livestream in for people off-campus, and to create another space in the GIAC that don’t feel comfortable in the larger area.
  • Saumya: People have voiced that the larger space is not as comfortable and conducive to sitting for long periods of time.
  • Julia: We would use Panopto to live stream the event.
  • Saumya: Alex posted a form about this to gage interest in this on the Facebook page. Not many people are interested in live-stream that is not in the GIAC and for a smaller room in the GIAC.
  • Saif: We could use conference rooms with live-stream and smaller discussions about different topics.
  • Saumya: Doing that is not feasible with the wifi.
  • Julia: Voting would be way more efficient if this wasn’t the case. If everyone could turn one of their devices on airplane mode it would make a difference.
  • Saumya: For the livestream, we would set up a moodle group and put people into it that group who ask for access. We wouldn’t be able to tell if they are actually watching the video.
  • Saif: If you use Facebook Live people would know.
  • Saumya: But we don’t want people to just use that option–we want this to be you have to access permission.
  • Rachel: For the people who have it online in their room would they count to quorum? How do they vote? How do they give comments?
  • Saumya: That’s what we have to decide. This option helps those for who live off-campus or who are sick–not as a way to give everyone a way out of coming.
  • Saif: If we don’t count the people who watch the livestream, than we will have a tough time reaching quorum.
  • Saumya: Do people think having the livestream from your room available is necessary? And having a small room for viewing?
  • Joey: Why are we using this live streaming service? It doesn’t work for us very well. I wonder if there’s another program that would allow us to see who else is on there.
  • Saumya: We are using this because it is not transmitted over wifi, but over internet cable. The link would have to be requested. If anyone is interested in using alternative option, feel free to investigate.
  • Saif: I feel like it would be better if we release lifestream and not tell everyone.
  • Julia: We are trying to think that people wouldn’t abuse the system. I don’t think this would be perfect.
  • Saumya: There was more interest in having life-stream so that people could be in their own rooms and not small room. That’s why you have to request access.
  • Katie: How will you decide who gets the link for the livestream?
  • Saumya: You have to have a legitimate reason for why you cannot be in the space.
  • Julia: We will continue to update you about this.
  • Saumya: any thoughts about making it more accessible?
  1. Space
  • Leslie: How will we fit 900 people?
  • Saumya: in the past special plenary, they didn’t use tables to fit more people, but i think we should have tables
  • Julia: we have to open up rest of the gym to make use of the entire gym
  • Cole: How many people are we expecting to be in the smaller setting?
  • Saumya: I was thinking 25-30 people
  • Julia: We can also just not have tables
  • Saif: What is the problem?
  • Saumya: the problem is that we need SC and HC table to be visible or else people at the front of the gym will not care or be engaged. The other issue people have spoken about is not having printed packets because they often have trouble accessing it via wifi.
  • Saif: Can we get a band to play before reaching Quorum?
  • Joey: Well, what if we rearrange the gym to be auditorium-style? What are the concerns with it being too far?
  • Saif: what if we have a screen halfway through the gym to project for those sitting too far?
  • Julia: Sounds great, but it’s a lot of technology and we have shitty wifi.
  • Rachel: What if we sit on both sides of the table so that every other person faces opposite sides of the room?
  • Saumya: Is it more important to be far away or us not facing people?
  • Saif: What if people have comments and have to walk 200 meters?
  • Leslie: if people are determined to speak, they will walk far
  • Joey: The sound level is the most important thing
  • Saumya: Well, we want people to be as engaged as people and they won’t be if we are far away
  • Joey: What if we have SC at the back of the gym with microphones and we film the front, and place screens at the front of the gym?
  • Saif: What if we split us up?
  • Julia: Please keep thinking of ideas
  1. Food
  • Julia: We asked Joe about the food and to open the DC at 4. There’s a donor who gives a fund every year for honor code related causes, so we have substantial amount of money to spend (10-15,000).We are considering different food options; not really looking to provide a full course meal:
    • Sweeter snacks
    • Food trucks for after
  • Saif: What about chicken nuggets from McDonalds?
  • Saumya: Pizza would be very expensive
  • Julia: we are leaning towards snacks
  • Saif: What if everyone gets a goodie bag when they enter?
  • Saumya: how expensive would it be to get pizza?
  • Julia: We can just have tables with snacks; let’s continue thinking about this
  • Saumya: Let’s try to meet in the gym next sunday for our meeting
  • Resolution on Confrontation
  • Julia: We met with Kim Benston and Special Plenary Committee. Gangadeen reached out to us and wants to meet and talk about the role of the global moral law.
  • Saumya: Do you have any other sense of what people are thinking?
  • Leslie: People are not clear that the resolution committee is not the only people allowed to propose resolutions.
  • Saumya: Okay, co-secs put this on the Weekly Consensus?
  • Leslie: Also, the Special Plenary Committee has been weird by reaching out to co-heads of affinity groups; we can’t represent an entire group of people–its putting pressure on us.