3/4/18 Minutes

Students’ Council Weekly Meeting

Sunday 4 March 2018



Meeting Minutes


Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Facilities Fund
  3. Special Plenary
  4. Moment of Silence


Facilities Fund

  • Jake: Facilities Fund ($30,000) for student-related facilities projects. We want to consider the legacy of the project and how it will enrich students. Past projects: Barclay lounge, 50 basement. This year, we had 8 total projects, 6 applications, and have narrowed it down to four.
  • Mike and Jake:
    • Proposals:
  1. Founders hydration station ~$3,000
  2. Band room recording studio ~$6,400-11,000
  3. Barclay patio & benches ~$5,000
  4. Ira reid renovations ~$11,000


    • Other Proposals (not accepted):
  1. Basement spaces → post renovation (is happening already)
  2. The collective (outside James House)
  3. Duck Pond bridge (too much money)
  4. Haverfarm (not our job…)
  • Saif: Why were some of the facilities applications rejected?
  • Jake: Renovating basements is going to happen so it doesn’t make sense to put it through this fund. We as students council are going to decide which proposals go through.

Proposal #1:

    • Jake: Terry Snyder at the library is interested in splitting cost with us for the library renovation.
    • Cesar: Can we just have the library pay for all of it if they were already going to do it?
    • Jake: They were not planning on installing it prior to the proposal.
    • Saumya: The hydration stations in founders are inaccessible. It would also minimize the number of bottles people use for parties.
    • Jake: I will email Terry about repurposing the hydration station in Magill to save us more money. Franklin Cantor said they would love to use any leftover money from this fund to make sure that all buildings on campus have a gender-neutral bathroom option. They are starting with buildings with the highest use.
    • Saif: Does making something into a gender-neutral bathroom involve more than adjusting the signs?

Proposal #3:

    • Jake: Yes, it would include changing the layout of the stalls and making them more private. As for #3, we talked about expanding the idea to include a very simple outdoor seating space. Currently, we lack outdoor studying spaces. The $5,000 mark is including the benches/outdoor space in addition to their proposal.
    • Cesar: I don’t think that is very purposeful.
    • Yan: We should definitely do the hydration station.
    • Simon: Have they considered doing it behind Barclay. I feel like there is a lot of unused space.
    • Jake: After the Roberts renovation, that may not be an accessible space. They are expanding out onto Barclay beach. There will be construction vehicles there, etc.
    • Mike: I think it is going more to the back left, but I’m not sure.
    • Jake: The point is to have space for people to sit while things are going on such as Founders events.
    • Saumya: It would be like the seating outside of Leeds.
    • Saif: Is the area they chose particularly good? People tend to like to sit on Founders during those kind of events.
    • Yan: I’m not a fan of the set-up. It is right next to the Barclay common room and is in front of people’s rooms as an invasion of privacy.
    • Jake/Joey: That is the same thing as in HCA, leeds, all other of these types of spaces.
    • Yan: What is the rule with smoking away from dorms? If you put those benches there, people will definitely smoke there.
    • Jake: Let’s not totally discount it. Let’s move on and say this is tentative.
    • Saumya: We can suggest them switching the location to someone else, like in front of Founders.

Proposal #4:

    • Saif: On theirs we shouldn’t look for anything that needs to be fixed?
    • Mike: There are things that the college is responsible for, such as mattresses and couches. There have been meetings about this. Let’s look at the list comprehensively and see what the college can cover; lets not line-item things
    • Jake: If a proposal is approved, Don will make sure the little extra that is needed gets added in to get the project done.
    • Mike: We can’t do the free laundry request because nowhere else on campus has that.
    • Saumya: We should decided on certain amount and they will decide on what is most important to allocate it to.
    • Yan: What percentage of the student body do you want engaged through the facilities fund? How many of us sitting here have gone in there.
    • Leslie: A lot of customs stuff happens in there and meetings for affinity groups.
    • Jake: This space is very communal, I would estimate that it gets more consistent traffic than places like gummere lounge, which have been funded in past years.
    • Mike: This presents some challenges because it is a residential space but is also open for other groups to use.
    • Jake: Does anyone have strong opposition to funding this proposal in some capacity? (no objections) How much do we want to allocate to this project?
    • Saif: It is hard because we don’t know how much anything is going to cost.
    • Mike: The rationale is–do you think the BCC should get funds allocated to it. The debate is whether you think the house deserves an upgrade.
    • Jake: They have spoken to Don, the numbers are a result of consultation with him. We don’t have to go through everything and see what each thing costs.
    • Saif: It looks like even if we do everything, we are at $30,000.
    • Jake: We have the gender-neutral bathrooms in mind for any extra money.
    • Saumya: Are people fine with allocating the money in the fund, for ourselves to benches and then bring them into conversation with us to figure out specifics.
    • Yan: They clearly put a lot of thought into this process. We have already rejected two of their proposals. We should give them the opportunity to come up with a different one.
    • Saumya: Let’s put $5,000 up there to know it is a possibility. Are people okay with funding the recording studio?
    • Mike: It would double as a radio station and recording studio


Proposal #2:


    • Jake: This would be for any, and all, music groups on campus.
    • Mike: We would try to get the software put in there, so that people don’t have to buy software each time.
    • Jake: We have a built in space in the DC Basement that has a walk-in studio, it isn’t used right now because it is not furnished with supplies needed to use it. I would be inclined to approve some portion of the range of their request.
    • Cole: All the things there seem to be for recording and not playing itself. The difference in their request and the club request is that this is for equipment needed to record.
    • Jake: Some of that stuff could be shared with BLAST.
    • Saif: Can facilities provide some of this, like trash cans?
    • Jake: Does that make sense to cut the request? Give them somewhere in the middle, like $8,000, since some of their requests can be funded through other programs.
    • Mike: Before I go, if this was funded, I don’t want this to go through a cycle of new people coming in and out and things getting lost/stolen; we need someone responsible for the equipment.
    • Jake: How do we feel about giving 9k to this fund?  Acknowledging that it is a placeholder. (Don is the director of facilities, it is his money and we are stewarding his money)

Overall Discussion of Proposals

  • Julia: Our mission as a council is to decide if these proposals make sense under what the facilities fund is supposed to be for.
  • Saif: Does that mean, in regards to #4, you believe in the spirit of renovation not the actual changes? We don’t have a say in what the money goes to specifically then?
  • Julia: We do. That is something Jake and the proposers will work on.
  • Cesar: Can we monitor what people do with that money?
  • Jake: To some extent
  • Cesar: I am concerned on consenting to an amount without knowing what we allocate that money to.
  • Saumya: It seems like they will meet with Michelle, Nate, Don, etc to work through what is most feasible in terms of the house. We have more of a say in terms of this is where we think the money should go.
  • Jake: We’re not saying, use all of it. We are saying, this is what you have access to–they are “lump sums”
  • Saumya: Are we okay with $10,000 to Ira Reid, $9,000 to band room, $5,000 to benches, and $3,000 to hydration station?
  • Cole: I feel more comfortable putting money toward gender neutral bathrooms instead of benches?
  • Jake: What if we change the benches to $3,000? Are we all in agreement on these 4 budgets? How do people feel about this?
  • Cesar: Anything that is left over goes to gender neutral bathrooms. If they don’t need it can we should put it towards the other proposals.
  • Saumya: Can we check in with Franklyn and see how much funding one gender-neutral bathroom would cost?
  • Jake: Consenting to this? We would have $5,000 left over for gender neutral bathrooms. Can we do formal consensus process?
    • Everyone consents.
  • Julia: We will keep you all updated once we figure out the final numbers.


Updates on Special Plenary


  • Saumya: The only date that seemed to work is the 8th of April. We didn’t want to do it right when we got back because we wanted time for people to write proposals, have conversations, and think about all of this. There is a committee of 8-10 students to try and get feedback on what kind of changes they would like to see. The applications are due on Monday and we are having an open session for people to ask questions. There are a couple of athletic conflicts so we may shift it to 5pm. We looked at Saturdays, but it is not feasible. The longest it can go is 5 hours (from when we reach quorum).
  • Mariana: Would dinner be provided since it goes for so long?
  • Saumya: We would need to get something.
  • Yan: We could ask the DC to start serving earlier, like at 4:30.
  • Saumya: They used to open it early for these types of events so we can talk to Joe about whether this is a possibility.
  • Julia: we will talk about this more in meetings to come; does anyone have any questions or comments?
  • Saif: What is happening with the Clearness Committee?
  • Yan: Riley didn’t want the apps to be sent out until special plenary was announced. I am going to send a reminder email tonight. Either the Sunday night we get back, or the next Sunday.
  • Saumya: We originally were thinking we would get Clearness Committee to do it, but the Constitution only allows four members on CC which is not enough for such a big task. This is why we are having a new committee. We will talk more about the structure of SP as we come back.
  • Cole: Could we make the bathrooms for SP gender neutral?
  • Saumya: We have spoken to Fran to let the faculty know, and to ask them not to have any major assignments due that Monday. Let’s end with moment of silence.


Moment of Silence