2/11/18 Minutes

Students’ Council Weekly Meeting

Sunday 11 February 2018



Meeting Minutes


Table of Contents

  1. Attendance
  2. Moment of Silence
  3. Updates
  4. Plenary
  5. Kalista’s Visit
  6. Moment of Silence



  • Mike Elias and Michelle Liao are present to see what’s happening
  • 5:45 guest: Kalista will be here to get feedback about a study abroad experience in Philadelphia
  • Sydney and Leslie are not here



  • Mike Elias: In 2019, the office of the provost at BMC is going to launch a study abroad experience in Philadelphia where you would live and immerse yourself in the city
  • Saif and Cesar: office hours are the same,
  • Jake: Alumni office enrolls us in their directory; executive committee met to talk about Board of Managers meetings. Talked about interfacing with students on campus: What was your experience like when you were at Haverford? How can we better keep in touch with alumni?
  • Katie: weekly consensus is back! Please send personal blurbs for the website
  • Yan: committee interviews after meeting
  • Victoria: Meeting with Phil Bean is confused about her role and will work with her about implementing 2 new majors: neuroscience and environmental studies
  • Shayan: Met with Dean Denney to talk about scholarships for international students for the summer. Hoping to meet with Theresa Tensuan and Ben Hughes to reshape ISO
  • Elias: 4 on-campus interviews this past week in search for new 8th dimension leader  
  • Rachel: feature page to generate more visibility for student athletes




  • Saumya: Student council members will not be counting people in; people from student life will be checking people in So far, only one resolution: JSAAP is changing the policy to change “you are still responsible for your actions under the influence of alcohol.” Nothing new from the All struggles, One Code
  • Julia: We are making the packet Monday or Tuesday, does anyone have any ideas?
  • Saumya: Rudy is looking at a new software to change elections; we don’t have to have all elections at the same time
  • Rachel: Nuts for plenary? With multiple different nuts?
  • Julia: Ask people from Havermemes to make something for us? Should we just do slips rather than print everything up?
  • Rachel: Valentine’s day theme? Channeling people in single file rather than “clicking” to avoid counting multiple times
  • Saumya: Everyone come early. At the beginning, be in the lobby trying to channel people into single file. Do we even need food?
  • Rachel: I’ll look into donuts/Valentine’s day candy


Kalista’s visit:


  • Kalista: The new trico Philly planning director.  I want to build a positive experience for students. The city has a lot of cultural opportunities
  • “Off campus study”–taking classes, living in Philly
  • Pilot cohort of 15-18 students  


      • Strengthen Tri-Co relationships; embed urban and community engagement; enhance civic awareness
      • What are some things that would make you excited? What would keep you from participating? What extracurriculars would appeal?


  • Saif: Why during the semester? This experience can happen over a three-month period; STEM students don’t have a lot of leeway for study-abroad
  • Kalista: Take a courses at Penn if you needed to take a class crucial to your major. A summer component could be built into the program to make it more accessible to students. Engage students in a diverse environment and offer students that opportunity for a more diverse urban experience. Tie scholarship to application.


  • Simon: How would the Tri-Co decide who participates? Equal amount from all three colleges
  • Rachel: If you don’t want to go abroad but still want to be away from Haverford could be an appeal. Athletes could be hesitant to participate. A good idea could be to sell it as a study abroad experience to coaches.
  • Kalista: This could potentially be an opportunity for those who cannot go abroad
  • Saif: Doesn’t work if you still have responsibilities on campus
  • Elias: Can you even limit your contact?
  • Kalista: This is a unique program because we are so close to Philadelphia but it should still be immersive
  • Victoria: Where would the classes take place?
  • Kalista: I’m looking into residential, office, classroom spaces. Potentially getting a lease for a dedicated space or using another institution’s space.
  • Victoria: Opening up Philly to campus is great and I could use that leased space to try to take a class there
  • Kalista: Actually the pilot program will not allow you to do this
  • Victoria: Maybe beginning by partnering with another institution would be better; people need to work
  • Cesar: How will this accommodate for international students in re: to working because international students can only work on campus?
  • Rachel: Maybe designate that space as a Tri-Co space that we can use to host events. Arts, dance, creative opportunities
  • Kalista: This could be a hub for programming; this is one of the big benefits of having our own space vs. piggybacking off other institutions
  • Yan: We are already going into Philly a lot. How will this program add something valuable beyond what students can already get by venturing into the city in their free time?
  • Kalista: I have heard extremely varied accounts of how often students go into the city.
  • Yan: Students who are looking to take advantage of the city already do. We need to assess the needs first
  • Joey: What is your vision for who the program is serving? What are you looking for?
  • Kalista:  I am imagining this would be second semester sophomores and juniors. Beyond that, I haven’t written the application yet. That’s all I know at this point.
  • Joey: I am having a problem understanding what problem this is trying to solve. What is the reason? What is the impetus?
  • Kalista: It is motivated by the institutions to become more civically engaged in developing more substantive reciprocal partnerships in the city. This can build on already formed partnerships with the city. This can offer students an urban experience that they can’t get on campus and exposure to a broader more diverse world.
  • Mike: This doesn’t have to solve a problem. It is just an opportunity for students because Philadelphia is right there.
  • Saif: It will not be framed as “work” for international students
  • Cesar: Can we make this accessible for more students such as freshman and seniors?
  • Rachel: I like this idea, but keep an open mind that we don’t want to have freshman away from the community they are building
  • Kalista: Classes will be driven by student-interest
  • Jake: Could you channel something to campus?
  • Kalista: How can I communicate with students?
  • Rachel: Survey