1/28/18 Minutes

Students’ Council Weekly Meeting

Sunday 28 January 2018


notes by Jake Ogata Bernstein


Meeting Minutes


Table of Contents

  1. Attendance
  2. Moment of Silence
  3. Check-in
  4. Updates
  5. Semester planning
  6. Staff Appreciation Day
  7. Action Items



  • Walt is absent, and is planning to resign from the position of Co-VP, since he is going to be very busy in the second semester of his senior year and does not think that he is going to have the time to devote to do his best job as Co-VP
  • Rachel is absent, but requested that it be stated for the record that she misses all of us at StuCo, and that she wished she could be here, “and hopes everyone enjoyed the photo of the babies and the lettuce”
  • Katie and Mariana are both absent, which is why Jake is writing these minutes


Moment of Silence



What is something that you are looking forward to (not necessarily related to Students’ Council, although it can be)?


  • Yan is looking forward to finishing the next semester and being done with college.
  • Saif is looking forward to Yan finishing the next semester and being done with college.
  • Cesar is looking forward to working with clubs to make budgeting more efficient, and to work on some of the projects he has in mind—specifically, he is interested in creating a resource center for clubs to share resources and share otherwise overlapping budget items
  • Leslie is looking forward to the projected Major Declaration Day celebration (collab. between Officer of Academics and Officer of Campus Life—more to come on this soon), as well as to incorporating her work on Students’ Council and elsewhere at HC with her role on Customs
  • Noorie is looking forward to HIP events, like the Hackathon, and to more fun events and programming TBD
  • Victoria is looking forward to cool research with Prof. Rob Broadrup on pancreatic cancer
  • Sydney is looking forward to being done applying to summer internships and just knowing what she’s going to do for the summer already!
  • Simon is looking forward to his thesis (what?!), since he has been cooking up some really cool ideas with his advisor—this terrifies Julia, who has not done this yet
  • Julia is looking forward to the start of her softball season, especially since the team has a new, 25-year-old coach who seems to have a good energy
  • Saumya is looking forward to finishing her thesis!
  • Jake is looking forward to making his own food this semester, which he just went shopping for this afternoon, making him late for this meeting
  • Shayan is looking forward to starting to swim again after a long break; he is also looking forward to working with Martha Denney on creating a new internship/scholarship summer program for international students
  • Cole is looking forward to the return of the Weekly Consensus “like Jesus [rising] from the grave”



  1. Walt is resigning from the position of Co-VP. He is going to be very busy in the second semester of his senior year and does not think that he is going to have the time to devote to do his best job as Co-VP. Elections will be held in the next few days. Yan can run again, but will have to choose another partner, if so. Any other members of the community will also be invited to run. Please let Saumya and Julia know if you are planning on resigning (so we can run Elections all at once!).
  2. Plenary is February 18 at noon. Hopefully, we will be done by 4 (although, who knows!). So far, there is only one resolution, which is being brought by JSAAPP: they want to make some changes to the alcohol policy. No others have been told to Saumya or Julia, although there is still time to suggest them, if people are interested. We will talk more next week about the planning for this event. The seating and general set-up will probably stay the same. The reason that they asked resolution writers to start thinking about them so early is so that the resolution writers have enough time to talk to the relevant adminstrators, etc., while writing their resolution (see: events of Plenary Fall 2017). Saif asks if the old resolutions—e.g., the Community Day of Learning—could be brought again. Saumya notes that they could be, but it would only be worth it if there were significant changes made to it, which there have not been. At this point, she thinks that there would not be enough time for resolution writers to make significant enough changes to that resolution so as to bring it back to the table by Plenary.
  3. This semester, Julia and Saumya are going to have 1 meeting with Mike Elias, Nate Diehl, Martha Denney, and Michael Martinez instead of separate ones. It will be Wednesdays at noon, and anybody from SC is welcome to come (provided they let Julia or Saumya know ahead of time). They will begin meeting with Kim Benston & senior staff soon. There is a Board of Managers meeting in 2 weeks, which they will report back to SC about.
  4. Next week, Julia and Saumya are meeting with the Presidents of Bryn Mawr College and Swarthmore College, in order to further develop the Tri-Co relationship. They will also be having a meeting with all student leaders on campus, hopefully monthly, to discuss pertinent issues on campus.
  5. Budgeting is next weekend. Five officers and/or representatives must be present, in addition to Cesar and Saif, in order for quorum for decisions to be reached (we did not have this last time). Please, sign up and be there when you have signed up to be there. This semester, we are only going to have enough slots available for each club, so that there will be no awkward time slot breaks in between interviews for the StuCo members invovled. The interview times will also be longer, in order to account for a question-and-answer portion in addition to a tutorial on LOOP, which is ostensibly going to be released this coming weekend, during budgeting. The interviews will only be for clubs requesting funding; all others will meet separately with just the Co-Treasurers. There may be a meeting of all of the clubs to go over new budgeting procedures and LOOP—more on this soon.


Saif asks about the Blue Bus schedules, and the fact that they haven’t changed in two years. Saumya notes that he should email Jim Keane, the Registrar, about this, since hypothetically the Blue Bus schedule is supposed to change each year as a result of changing class times, etc.


Semester planning

The Weekly Consensus is back! It is a weekly email with submissions from the community on all events, sign-ups, etc. that are going on in a given week (see email for more information). It will also include a list of events from various on-campus offices, centers, and departments compiled by the officers and representatives of StuCo. The Weekly Consensus will continue for the entire Spring semester, during the transition into LOOP, and while the community is working out any bugs or issues with LOOP. It is also coming out of a general community misunderstanding of how HC-ALLSTUDENTS emails work, and who has permission to send them out (see Dylan Silverman’s recent email for his thesis, which was approved as a special case). It will be sent out to everybody at Haverford from the Co-Secretaries each week.


We decided as a group to keep it weekly, not biweekly, and for it to stay in email form, as opposed to being uploaded or posted on the Students’ Council website, for the time being, since the website is still old and a bit out-of-sorts.


The responsibilities of officers and representatives to collect and report information from around campus, in addition to whatever other responsibilities they already have, will be detailed in a more complete form later in the week and sent out to StuCo members by Saumya and Julia. In general terms, each officer or representative will compile events and information from a certain part of the community and forward it to the Co-Secretaries each week, to save them time from having to look up all of this information themselves.


The goal is to help make projects more completable and consistent (i.e., by working closely with the assigned departments), to help keep the workload of the Co-Secretaries from becoming unmanageable, to help keep people’s inboxes more clear of HC-ALLSTUDENTS emails, to save time and make more efficient the process of finding out about what’s going on around campus, to give the Co-Presidents more time to do things other than reading and approving emails, to connect people and organizations from different points of campus to each other, in ways that they might not otherwise have sought out directly, to help people on Students’ Council to find projects if they do not have ones that they are already working on, or to merge projects that they are working on with other people working on similar things, and to effectively use the structure that we already have as Students’ Council instead of attempting to redesign it. Everybody should try to set up the first meeting with their assigned people and departments in the next 2 weeks, ideally this week, if possible.


Staff Appreciation Day

All of Students’ Council will be working on this, with more information to come. A smaller working group of StuCo members will be involved more directly with planning. For next week, all StuCo members should bring ideas about the scope and time of this event, what it will entail, etc.


Action Items

  • Sign up for Budgeting Interview times, and put them in your calendar
  • If you are planning to resign, do it now
  • Look out for Elections for Co-VP, and encourage people that you know to run
  • Suggest any Plenary resolutions that you might have to Saumya and Julia ASAP
  • Julia and Saumya have meetings with Mike Elias, Nate Diehl, Martha Denney, and Michael Martinez at noon on Wednesdays—come if you want to (but let them know first)!
  • Saif, contact Jim Keane, the Registrar, to start a conversation around revising the Blue Bus schedule
  • Set up a meeting with your assigned departments/offices/etc. in the next 2 weeks to begin meeting, working on projects, and collecting information about their goings-on
  • Bring ideas about Staff Appreciation Day to next meeting