12/10/17 Minutes

Students’ Council Weekly Meeting

Sunday 10 December 2017


Notes by Mariana Ramirez

Meeting Minutes


  • Absent: Jake, Shayan, Yan
  • Mike Elias is present



  • Donuts to celebrate Students’ Council and the end of the semester, Mike will introduce a new plan for budgeting next semester
  • Introductions for Mike


Individual Updates:

  • Simon met with Franklyn to talk about his proposal
  • Co-Presidents:
    • Met with Mike and Franklin spoke about sponsoring a staff appreciation event this spring. It can be anything from giving them mugs, pens, smoothies, we are brainstorming different ideas
      • Create a committee to spearhead this
      • In March/April
    • Met with Martha to talk about the Lunt wage situation and about the campus culture around parties
    • Met with the president to talk about the lunt situation, workers might come to him to appeal, and restructuring council strategies


New Budgeting Structure:

  • Mike leads discussion on his budgeting project. The initial project was to focus on sustainability and the drama that is budgeting every year. Broad focus of the idea is to create consistency and transparency for the clubs/organizations.
  • Some clubs pop-up and ask for thousands, while others ask for 50
  • We are thinking about the actual process of being an organization and what that means: how many people, leadership structure, those things allow for sustainability moving forward
  • This year, everyone had to identify a larger category in which their clb fit: 12, but later recategorized into 8
  • What is an organization? What is a club? We now have 6 established categories: Affinity, Academic, Visual/Performing Arts, Service, Spirituality/Religion, and Community Houses.
  • Ran the numbers over and over again: 54 organizations and 65 other clubs
    • Each organization category will get $11,000 minimum
  • Each cluster will have awareness for how much money is available to them, instead of having a large amount that each club has to chunk out of individually
  • The RMJ pot has been used every semester
  • There are 15-20 groups that didn’t ask for money
  • We could implement an assessment process because if a group is asking for funding and they aren’t meeting, its just money that could have been put elsewhere
  • Cesar: Let groups self-categorize? Should there be a criteria?
  • It’s okay ot hold these organization to a higher expectation if we are allowing them to have access to more money
  • The amount of organizations in each category doesn’t reflect a lot on financials
  • No club category is going above the 11k, regardless of how many clubs
  • We are incentivizing people working together and transparency
  • Each organization will know how much money they have to share with others under that category


SC Feedback

  • Ask clubs and organizations, what does your semester look like?
  • Any danger in extrapolation? If we look at BSL, last semester they spend like $7,000, where this semester they are at $1,000
  • What happens when we have a spike?
    • Ex: last year during the election, many clubs asked for funding but it was for the whole campus
  • If the 11,000 is not used, you can still use that money to give to other categories
  • Can we see how much money is on different pockets on campus?
  • What is the problem with full transparency?
    • It seems like broadcasting the amount of money a department has would create an overload
  • In the past, there was surplus money but this year, we were tighter so that was a fluctuation that people don’t understand why this was a possibility in the past
  • Next semester would be too early to implement this; it needs to be done right
  • We can write to other clubs and ask to meet to talk about this new project
    • Get the club sports captains to come together over food and discuss plans for the semester
    • Have the SLACK committee to host open forums to talk about budgeting before it happens
  • Victoria: Under those 11k, might as well use $500 and set up meetings and see what’s going on
    • These meetings become a set meeting space where you have to come to this if you want funding
  • “Pre-budgeting” days so that we break-down the number of clubs
  • It could be a pre-meeting of the clubs where if you come to it, you are going to get funding
  • If someone brings up a good question, we all hear the answer
    • We could do this step before the meeting of the clubs
  • Women in Stem, will set up speaker fund: the last 3 requests have been poorly done
  • How to rephrase Joey’s concern: What is the limit/most you would give to conference funding?
  • We want an interactive system that tells you where to go


Lloyd Lights:

  • Issue getting an email out to email an entire dorm
  • In the past, it’s been a campus-wide vote
  • Students’ Council always votes, but Council consents to having student body vote on it this year
  • Deadline: have it ready by Sunday
  • https://www.haverford.edu/lloyd


Moment of Silence