11/19/17 Minutes

Students’ Council Weekly Meeting

Sunday 19 November 2017


Notes by Katie Leiferman

Meeting Minutes


Moment of Silence


Photo for Email Update to Student Body



  • Jake, Mariana, Noorie are absent
  • Julia had to leave early



  • Saif and Cesar: Streamlining the budgeting project, restructuring how clubs get defined, drafting a proposal to deal with Lunt situation
    • Group Discussion on Lunt: They increased their wages to $15 without informing us, now there is not enough money to pay for that; If Lunt had continued to run, we would’ve been over-budget for the semester
      • Office of Treasurers is writing a statement about the facts and decision making process to enlighten everyone in community about the situation
  • Yan: Upcoming appointments are Honor Council librarian and Committee on College Honors, interviews will be done in two weeks
  • Leslie: Dealing with LIFT FOR proposal, getting a student-advisory board established for this; working with Sydney to create an event to celebrate when sophomores declare their majors
  • Rachel: Sent out two feedback forms, generating a list of FAQs to put on website; compiling resources for club athletes all into one page; talked with Athletic Director about getting gender neutral bathrooms in GIAC; reaching out to students over break to encourage them to help out with athletic events;
    • Yan: What if we changed bathroom that exists into a gender neutral bathroom?
      • Wendy, AD: Maybe we could change signage on bathrooms on side by safety and security
    • Saumya: We should push this in general on campus because majority of academic buildings don’t have gender-neutral bathrooms
  • Simon: working on poll to send out to junior class on initiative he is thinking of starting about creating unity amongst students within a major; institutionalize information sessions, voter registration, transportation to polls for elections
    • Saumya: BMC has “Major Reps” who volunteer and are responsible for sending out departmental event emails. Possibly do this at HC? Could allow juniors and seniors to meet the new students moving into the department.
  • Katie: working on restructuring the website and getting all the old minutes onto the website; met with Michelle about website goals; beginning the participation project by meeting with CAPs and various faculty members (Heather Curl)
  • Joey: met with Walter Sullivan about working with the rest of administration; possibly meet with other class reps about better integrating the classes over 4 years; in Econ department, people get split into different groups based on people writing about similar topics–possibly extend this model to all departments so students can better coordinate between majors
  • Victoria: wants to incorporate academics with real world implications; been working with french/german/spanish departments about creating discussion events; Noorie and I have been working on getting the weekly updates that frosh receive sent to the entire student body; meeting with Dean Bean on new curriculum that has been established; LOOP challenges
    • Saumya: LOOP should be launched Monday, if it is not successful we can reevaluate how to bring awareness to campus events
  • Shayan: meeting with member of Honor Council tonight about meeting they had about international students this past week; trying to meet with Dean Denney to discuss summer scholarships for international students;
  • Cole: sent out survey earlier this semester–working to get art supplies on campus; working with hurford center and james house; working on creating a mixer for arts groups; 24 hour open mic the weekend before finals in Zubrow (stand up, sing, say something that they want to get out, etc)
    • Rachel: Maybe put in DC sunken lounge instead?
    • Cole: DC is difficult for sound, but we are working on looking into that
  • Sydney: been helping with wage proposal; working with Leslie on sophomore party; thinking about retreat and bringing in a guest speaker–contacting Mike Elias about this


LIFTFAR Winter Break Proposal


  • Walt shared proposal with SC
  • If we say yes, they would meet with Dean Denney and send out information to the student body about it within the next few weeks
  • Saumya: this would be through LIFTFAR, we would give them the money and they would allocate the money to the students
  • Saif: How much funding has LIFTFAR got this year?
    • Saumya: We want to get Michael to come and speak to us with the statistics. They have awarded $10,000 which is ~70% of their budget. They have fulfilled 45 requests (about 85% of submitted requests have been approved)
  • Walt: All left over money would come back to Student Council. Money right now coming in from donors and departments.
  • Saumya: Is this something we want to keep doing? Do we want to allocate a certain amount of money to LIFTFAR and write a resolution for next semester to do that?
  • Cesar: Change the wording on the proposal because I did not endorse the proposal by signing during DC tabling, I endorsed the idea.
    • Walt changes wording on proposal
  • Victoria: I don’t understand the criteria; how do you know who you are going to approve?
    • Sydney: the Deans are in charge of this; we would be endorsing the dean’s method of approving students
    • Saif: We can trust them they give financial aid. Clearly, they aren’t accepting every request and are putting thought into this.
  • Saumya: We can specify what issues we want our budgeting to go to but we cannot specify the criteria for which students get it. We would have to trust them.
  • Victoria: In future years, I would like to see this applied to students also not on financial aid
    • Walt: LIFTFAR does apply to students not on financial aid as well
  • Cesar: If the money comes from outside of student council, why institutionalize $5,000?
    • Walt: In future, it pressures the school to reach out to students
  • Saif: How would you report what money you are not being compensated for?
    • Walt: For example, if the money were for food you would mention the circumstances for why you cannot pay for it. You wouldn’t say lost wages, but instead, I need X.
    • Leslie: You need to turn in any receipts to increase accountability.
  • Walt: Are there any other criteria for funds that would be good to include?
  • Cesar: Doesn’t have specific concerns but needs to think about it more.
  • Joey: Would it be helpful for us to meet consensus for your meeting?
  • Saumya: But you would not meet with her until after break. Maybe we can talk about it a little bit more?
  • Walt: What are specific concerns keeping us from consensus?
  • Cesar: I can stand outside consensus
  • Walt: It depends why you are standing outside, unless there is a specific grievance. Has the theory changed?
  • Cesar: I was hoping the proposal would be more structured with timeline and description of the process. This is very short and not specific.
  • Sydney: We cannot set a timeline until this is consented to and passed.
  • Cesar: I just do not think this is well-structured.
  • Yan: The core of this argument is different; the original idea was about the missing compensation; we lost the original motivation about the week with a need for additional money
  • Rachel: Maybe have an outline for proposing ideas to the council that we use for whenever we bring proposals
  • Saumya: Since Joey has to leave early, Cesar needs more time, and Julia is gone, Walt could initiate a chain response for getting consensus tomorrow night.
  • Victoria: would love an explanation of what LIFTFAR has done so far, why we are asking for $5,000
  • Leslie: LIFTFAR is a pocket of money, it used to come from the deans because they used to give people money as they needed it;
  • Victoria: Then how are we determining $5,000
  • Walt: It is based on the projected amount of student need over winter break
  • Saumya: I think Victoria and Cesar would like to work on a larger picture for why we are choosing the amounts we are; trying to get more of a sense of logistical issues;
  • Cesar: What is the plan for telling the student body? Would be publicize that $5,000 has been added
  • Walt: It would be to make students aware that this money is available in case they need it.
  • Saumya: Get more information and send out an email for consensus in the next 24 hours


MCC Proposal


  • Saif: MCC request got denied. Discussing potential collaboration efforts with OAR.
  • Cesar: It is a student space, so it is up to them if they don’t want us in there. They did not want it to turn into a Lunt 2.0


Out of time–Appointments begin at 6:45

  • Saumya: people can finish this discussion later, but interviewees are outside so we need to leave.