10/29/17 Minutes

Students’ Council: Fall 2017

Weekly Meeting Minutes

29 October 2017


Moment of silence



Jake he/him Off. Campus Life 2019

Simon he/him 2rd year rep 2019

Katie she/her Co-secs 2020

Mariana she/her Co-secs 2020

Rachel she/her Athletics Rep 2019

David he/him 2020

Cesar he/him Co-Treasurers 2020

Saif he/him Co-Treasurers 2020

Victoria she/her Off. Academics 2020

Shayan he/him Intl. Student Rep 2019

Cole he/him Off. Arts 2019

Yan he/him Co-VP 2018

Walt he/him Co-VP 2018

Sydney she/her 2nd year Rep 2020

Saumya she/her Co-President 2018

Julia she/her Co-President 2019

Noorie (late) she/her 1st year Rep. 2021


Project Updates

Simon: FAQ Document for first-generation students, Club Athlete Resources,

Rachel: athletic culture, “build your own station” at the stir fry bar, mental health, fitness center and non-binary students and how we are making that space more welcoming, getting athletes involved in fall fest

Cesar: making the budgeting more structured and efficient, how can it be more effective?

Seth:Streamline distributing checks and reimbursing people

Victoria: trying to figure out how her role can be redefined and how every role in SC is defined; make it more transparent. We need to figure out how to take this information about what we do and make it available to the student body. Club of club meetings–how can we make a more organized student life?

Shayan: collaborating with faculty to provide more academic  support for international students; work on finding better internships and jobs

Cole: He conducted a survey, wants to create a “hub”; communicate between different arts heads.

Yan: Working on appointments, a few big ones coming up

Walt: A work-study wage reform proposal for finals week.

Sydney: Getting work-study priority over the summer, standardizing that process



  • Julia & Saumya describe the Clerk article about the four resignations that occurred
    • People did not have time for council and did not feel like they had support
    • Open communication is key; co-heads invite feedback
    • The students who resigned were not on board with the changes SC was making (in regards to accountability, most likely
  • Saif suggests that we have people be punished for resigning for SC (those who resign because of time commitment) by not allowing them to apply the next semester
    • Victoria says that may not address the problem–resignations are too case-specific/peoples schedules change
    • Jake: make the descriptions more explicit, its hard to understand and find descriptions;
    • Julia: for example, previous SC co-secs dropped 5 days after plenary, but luckily we used HC co-secs, but it would have been nice to find interim co-secs
    • Victora: Board of Managers says we need to adopt processes that are more like the real-world and not in the Haverford structure
      • So many positions for different things that there isn’t accountability and things don’t happen
      • “If it is that easy to leave SC, we are going to get more and more people who apply and leave like this”
    • Walter: Shouldn’t be a punitive measure, because we aren’t paid
    • Simon: Apathy everywhere, if we had a more robust sense of accountability, we would attract people that would be more committed
    • Walt: the change needs to be made to the beginning of the process (like the application), maybe adding an interview
    • Saumya: it’s hard because the presidents are elected at the same time as other positions, so people don’t know what the new heads are going to expect from them; Have each person have a description available of what they are doing/their job to eventually put on website and help with accountability
    • Walter: we have a lot of autonomy; it would be helpful to keep a record of past projects
    • Saumya: comes back to how we have little institutional memory; maybe it would be helpful to create an archive to see past weekly updates
    • Cole: It has been a year since our SC website has been updated



  • Cesar: one stop shop for students
    • It needs to be a collective effort to find out how to maintain the website
    • Make it user-friendly and organized
    • Everyone should have a description about what they do
  • Victoria: have a meeting specifically about what each person’s role is
    • Sometimes expectations are unclear
    • Small projects that everyone is required to do to help provide accountability
  • Saumya: Try to come up with an outline to talk about the roles, if everyone is interested


Job Compensation Proposal

  • Walt: Provides overview of the proposal
    • December break is a hard time to find work (only gone for a month)]]
    • Rise wages to 1.5x
    • It would be about $10,000 (which we have)
    • Not everyone will opt-in in regards who students that work; “only use this if you need it”
    • Pilot program and if it worked, the school will try to implement it
      • We would cut a check out of student activities fund to the business office to fund it for the first year
    • Friday meeting with human resource people to get logistics down (if we reach consensus on it here)
    • Logistically, it will be tough because time-crunch
    • No statistical evidence yet to show interest
  • Julia:
    • people could abuse it; maybe send out a survey to see how many people would be looking to take advantage of this because it seems like if the option is there most people would take it
    • Would this result in an increase in tuition? Where would the money come from if the college moves forward with this in the future?
    • Walt says he will look into this
  • Saumya:
    • Let’s here what thoughts, concerns, questions about it
  • Cesar:
    • I’m not going to consent to anything that hasn’t been written up. I can consent to you writing the proposal but not to the money being used.
  • Walt:
    • What about consent to moving forward with the principle of the idea?
    • There’s no way to have a proposal now, we’re still in the idea stage
    • It would be great if we could take time to work out some of those details together right now?
    • Time for the meeting on Friday: 3:15 Stokes Hall 103
  • Simon:
    • What percentage of students would it affect? I know there’s a limit to how many hours people can work (20).
    • If it’s already capped at 20, we wouldn’t be changing this
    • Doesn’t apply to Lunt and Quaker Bouncers
  • Rachel:
    • Sending out feedback form to see if this is needed and would you definitely/maybe/not plan on using it
    • Essentially are your parents supporting you over break or not? Make sure that people understand the clear statement/purpose of why we are doing this
    • HC-all email to open it to the campus
  • Saumya:
    • If you can have the survey sent out this week; from the meeting with the deans get a more idea of logistics
    • Then, next week we can use council to add to that and talk about it
  • Julia
    • Move to consent on this proposal
      • Everyone consents
  • Victoria:
    • One last thing, during the meeting with the Board of Managers, Maurice and Dita brought up the idea of increasing wages over finals week
      • The managers seemed reluctant to the idea– “why don’t you find a rich alum to fund you,” “working is part of the college experience and we never got anything just given to us,” “is your financial aid package not enough?” ( This came from some, not all)

Weekend updates:


  • Julia:
    • The board is at a place where they are deciding what the next strategic move is for the college (sine Lives That Speak just ended)
      • They talk about 20/40/60 years down the line
      • We are a better place financially and looking forward to the next “move”
  • Saumya:
    • As far as Plenary Resolutions, we are waiting on Kim to approve them
    • Community Engagement Resolution won’t happen this spring
  • Julia:
    • Kim is so meticulous about reading these things because he does care so much about the council and the work we are doing–that’s why he is taking a while and being considerate of these factors
  • Saumya:
    • We are still going to try and meet with the people from the protest; have not moved ahead yet
  • Victoria:
    • Going to meet with Sebastian about his ideas about restructuring council for more transparency

Group Projects


  • Julia: Let’s talk about ideas for projects, committees, possibly restructure Constitution as a whole
    • The constitution has a lot of things that are not followed and are redundant
  • Simon:
    • Aside from Sebastian, who else have people been talking to?
  • Saumya:
    • For us he has been the point of contact. We want other people to be in contact with as well
  • Victoria:
    • Suggests that we create a student council calendar; lay out major events and projects; use this as a way to uphold accountability
  • Saumya:
    • Have two or three things that we focus on as a council? (for example, the restructuring, the website)
    • A lot of us have projects we are working on and this could help us pool groups together
    • Is there any other project that you think should be more collaborative?
  • Jake:
    • I see the website as a part of a greater goal of achieving transparency
    • Institutional memory piece: how are we preserving our work for the people to come
  • Cesar
    • We hope that the website can grow and improve over time
    • We don’t need to know everything right now
  • Yan:
    • How is senior commencement committee different from the junior one?
    • Junior commencement committee→ Senior commencement committee
    • 3-4 more people for junior commencement committee
  • Rachel:
    • Compiling all of our notes/sharing things


Next Meeting

  • Saumya:
    • For next meeting: slightly longer to discuss in more detail projects
    • Maybe we can reevaluate how long our meetings are
    • Look at website more constructively (look at it now and see what changes you want to see happen)
    • Think about your roles and positions
    • We can take liberty and not focus too much on precedents
    • ‘If you didn’t have any limitations, what structure would work for you?’

Moment of Silence