10/1/17 Minutes

Students’ Council: Fall 2017

Weekly Meeting Minutes

1 October 2017


Moment of silence



  • Saumya she/her Co-President 2018
  • Julia she/her Co-President 2019
  • Shayan he/him Intl. Student Rep. 2019
  • Leslie she/her Off. Multiculturalism 2020
  • Jake he/him Off. Campus Life 2019
  • Noorie she/her 1st year Rep. 2021
  • Sydney she/her 2nd year Rep. 2020
  • Cole he/him Off. Arts 2019
  • Cesar he/him Co-Treasurers 2020
  • Saif he/him Co-Treasurers 2020
  • Yan he/him Co-Vice President 2018
  • Walt he/him Co-Vice President 2018
  • Ali she/her Writing Clerk article 2020
  • Victoria (late) she/her Off. Academics 2020



    • Next week!


  • Co-Secretary task replacements
  • Tabling sign-up, setting up physical tables (Noorie volunteers)
  • Door monitors (on Google sheets)
    Cole expresses worry about the Wifi being too slow;
    Saumya & Julia mention that the entrance will be in the lobby, not at the door;
    Yan suggests that we use a clicker system simultaneously (just in case);
    Jake points out that having more than one line (e.g., 2 in, 2 out) would improve flow.
  • New set-up
  • Only one set of bleachers out, facing “panel” table
  • Tables and chairs set up on gym floor
  • Tabling booths on both sides of the bleachers
  • Projectors facing the audience
  • Want to make more interactive
  • Victoria and Noorie will work on this!
  • JSAAP, HC, and SC will help BLAST with set-up; chairs will be on side (folk-concert style)
  • Food
  • General agreement on yes (Cole and Noorie emphasize it as an incentive to come)
  • Maybe cookies (Insomnia?) for the early birds (again, incentive to come)
  • THREE things to cover (not nine!)
  • Financial aid resolution
  • Community Day of Engagement
  • Ratify the Alcohol Policy
  • Raffle
  • e.g., free parking pass, $25 Coop, $50 Bookstore, gift cards to other Mainline stores
  • Announcing winners at the end is incentive for people to stay the whole time
    Saif suggests that we randomly raffle everyone, as opposed to people signing up for tickets, but generally grumbles suggest that prizes would go to people who wouldn’t even want them;
    Saumya asks if we think that people would only come for the end? General opinion is yes;
    Yan suggests that people have to sign out when they leave and say why they’re leaving;
    Saumya says go ahead—; if he wants to coordinate that;
    Victoria highlights difference between efficiency and entertainment—which are we pushing for? (seems like we’re aiming for efficiency, but the raffle points to the entertaining side of things);
    Saif and Leslie also highlight the difficulty of people having jobs/shifts during Plenary;
    Can student workers be compensated for missing their shifts to go to Plenary so they’re not losing money by choosing to go?
  • Packets
  • Will be electronic (to save paper; RE: CER bringing recycling bins)
  • Addition of 2-minute videos RE: resolutions (could be used in HCO sessions)
  • Saumya suggests we will print the Rules of Order, for voting (online voting too slow; standing vs. sitting not a clear enough sense of majority)
  • Noorie also suggests that we could project the rules of order/post them somewhere
  • People can print the packets themselves if they want to
  • Door counters
  • Staffing/sign-up
  • Leslie suggests 2 lines in, 2 lines out
  • For the first hour, Saumya recommends 5 on the “In” line (2 clicking, 3 on Google sheet, so 3 lines; not 2)
  • Victoria suggests a OneCard reader, but Saif says it’s too expensive (he’s talked to Mike, and it costs thousands of dollars)
  • Saumya and Julia reiterate that having the entrance in the lobby makes a better distinction between “going to the bathroom” then leaving and actually going to the bathroom
  • Only problem: people counting can’t hear/see what’s going on at Plenary
  • Victoria points out that that’s why we’re taking it in shifts
  • Theme
  • Suggestions:
  • Ill raccoon meme
  • VCAM jokes
  • Havermemes facebook page



Other Co-Secretary task replacements

  • Daily Digest
    • Saumya lays out the projected outline:
      • Daily
      • Google/Qualtrics form for submission
      • Mailchimp too expensive/complex (people have to opt in, too)—maybe in the future
      • May take some work—compiling submissions, formatting, sending out, etc.
    • Victoria suggests weekly for now, then reevaluate after a semester/Loop up and running, especially since we might get a lot more push-back from the community over a suddenly daily email, vs. a weekly email which becomes daily out of perceived necessity
    • Saif reiterates his idea that all this information should just be posted online
        Saumya/Jake emphasize that this means people have to look it up, not just sent to them;
        Cesar suggests this as a part of the new SC website;
        Saif worries that people won’t want/read yet another email in their inbox;
        Jake clarifies that this would replace, not add to, the HC-ALL email blasts;
        Saumya reminds everyone that she is the one approving all the HC-ALL emails
    • Saumya suggests that whoever is working on it (Jake, Noorie, and Victoria) should think about the platform and its constraints, the guidelines for submissions, as well as how to deal with time-sensitive information, etc.
  • SC Website
    • Saumya thinks it’s important, but worries that the community doesn’t care
    • A reminder to send blurbs to Julia and Saumya
  • Co-Secretary Elections
    • Julia encourages people to nominate/suggest friends!



  • Appointments
    • Interviews/appointments
      • 4 people for Collections (all appointed)
      • 3 people for LSAC (all appointed)
      • 5 people for 2 CSSR positions (interviewing)
    • Jake suggests reaching out to Dita RE: Collections appointments/applications; Yan and Walt say they have already been in touch with her
    • Saumya encourages the Co-VPs to include the existing members/leadership of groups in the appointments process in the future
  • Student wage increase (Walt)
    • Proposal in the works: 1.5x wage increase for students on financial aid during fall Finals
    • Rationale(s):
      • Fall not Spring because Fall is 1 week, 1.5-month winter break is harder to find work during than 3-4 month summer
      • Only students on work-study with on-campus, College jobs (i.e., not club jobs like BLAST, Lunt)
    • Victoria suggests that Shayan and Walt collaborate, since Intl. students not on work study still struggle to find employment during breaks, e.g.
      • Walt says that there could be special-case applications via the Deans’ Office
    • So far cleared by Dean Martha Denney, Dean Mike Elias, and Mitch Wein (budgeting)
    • Next steps: have to agree as a council to take “pilot” fund from SC budget (~$12k)
      • If pilot works, Deans’ Office/College will cover in future years
      • Julia suggests Walt write up a formal proposal so we can formally consent as a Council
      • Saumya wants to wait until we have a full council (Co-Secs, 3rd Year Rep.) to have this conversation
      • Walt emphasizes being frugal with Plenary spending to enable this possibility
      • For now: think about it


Next week

  • No meeting
  • Rudy is still Elections Coordinator—will release run-off elections tomorrow night
  • Yan reminds us that we still have Appointments


Moment of silence