2012 Spring Election Results (Part 1)

Dear Friends,

Election results are in!

There are 3 races that will have a runoff. That election will open tomorrow, APRIL 20 at MIDNIGHT and will close Sunday, APRIL 22 at MIDNIGHT.
Nominations for SC Co-Vice Presidents will open Sunday, APRIL 22 at MIDNIGHT and will close on Tuesday, APRIL 24 at MIDNIGHT. Placard uploads will close on Wednesday, APRIL 25 at 12 NOON. Elections will open Wednesday, APRIL 25 at MIDNIGHT and will close on Friday, APRIL 27 at MIDNIGHT

  • SC Co-Presidents: Daniel Gordon ’14 and Patrick Williams ’14
  • SC Co-Vice Presidents: Withdrawn
  • SC Co-Treasurers: Harry Levin ’14 and Aaron Madow ’14
  • SC Co-Secretaries: Colleen Cumberpatch ’15 and Jenna Brower ’15
  • SC Officer of Academics: Alyssa Kahn ’13
  • SC Officer of Campus Life: Karl Hagnauer ’13
  • SC Officer of the Arts: Michael Rushmore ’14
  • Honor Council Co-Chairs: Tamar Hoffman ’15 and William Bannard ’14
  • JSAAPP Co-Chairs: Shelby Lyons ’15 and Ellen Reinhart ’15


  • SC Officer of Athletics: Christie Quake ’13 vs. Diana Perry ’15
  • SC Officer of Multiculturalism: Meghan Sanchez ’15 vs. Ming-Fui Chai ’15
  • 2014 Representative to the Board of Managers: Brian Sokas ’14 vs. Raymond DeLuca ’14

Congrats everyone!

Lots of SC love,

Lizzie and Florencia