Spring Election 2012

Dear ‘Fords,

It’s election time again! We have 11 year-long positions up for election and one two-year long position.

The year-long positions are:

  • Students’ Council Co-Presidents
  • Students’ Council (Co) Vice-Presidents
  • Students’ Council (Co) Treasurers
  • Students’ Council (Co) Secretaries
  • Students’ Council Officer of Academics
  • Students’ Council Officer of the Arts
  • Students’ Council Officer of Athletics
  • Students’ Council Officer of Campus Life
  • Students’ Council Officer of Multiculturalism
  • Honor Council Co-Chairs
  • JSAAPP Co-Chairs

The two-year position is:

  • Class of 2014 Representative to the Board of Managers

You must nominate two people for Students’ Council Co-Presidents, Honor Council Co-Chairs, and JSAAPP Co-Chairs. Students’ Council Secretaries, Vice Presidents and Treasurers can all be either one or two people. The remaining positions are all for one person alone. Please only nominate people who are planning for being here the whole year.

The election schedule will be as follows:

  • April 13 @ 11:59pm: nominations open
  • April 16 @ 11:59pm: nominations close
  • April 17 @ noon: nominations must be accepted
  • April 17 @ 11:59pm: elections open
  • April 19 @ 11:59pm: elections close

You will all receive emails with the links to nominate students and then vote for the candidates.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at sc@haverford.edu

Lots of SC love,

Lizzie and Florencia