Appointments: HCAB and COH

What up Haverford!  We hope you are all having a fantastic Monday!  This e-mail is the first of many that you’ll receive from appointments committee.

There are currently 33 committees at Haverford with student representatives serving on them. These representatives are chosen by Appointments Committee, which is comprised of the SC Vice Presidents (Chairs of Appointments Committee), all five Officers on SC, and the four class representatives.  We will send out applications for committees on Mondays, the applications will be due on Fridays, and an interview will be scheduled on Sundays.  If you are interested in a committee, we encourage you to talk to the student representatives and/or the administrative advisors about the position.

This weekend we’re appointing two different committees: 1) Humanities Center Advisory Board (HCAB) and 2) College Honors, Fellowships, and Prizes (COH)

When are applications due?

Friday, September 9th at 11:59 pm

When are interviews?

Sunday, September 11th (Applicants will be contacted with specific times)

What do these committees do?

College Honors, Fellowships and Prizes (COH)

The Committee on College Honors (COH), composed of three faculty members, three students, and Dean Phil Bean (, is looking for committed students like you!

The Committee on College Honors serves to:

–       Choose Haverford’s nominees for certain outside fellowships, such as the Beinecke, Goldwater, Luce, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, Truman Scholarships, and provides guidance for those awarded the Fulbright Scholarship.

–       Make recommendations to the faculty on the awarding of two fellowships for graduating seniors at Haverford College: the Clementine Cope Fellowships and the Augustus Taber Murray Research Fellowships.

–       Make recommendations to the faculty regarding which graduating seniors should receive the College Honors of magna cum laude and summa cum laude.

COH is a “lifetime” appointment- meaning that if you are of the class of 2015, you would serve on this committee for 4 years, 2014 for 3 years, and 2013, two years. If you would like more information, you can visit (from which the above info was taken).

Questions?  Contact Dean Phil Bean (pbean) or any of the COH student reps: Ben Wohl’ 14 (bwohl) or Aubree Penney ’13 (apenney).

Humanities Center Advisory Board (HCAB)

The Humanities Center Student Advisory Board is a think tank established to help determine future directions for student work at the Hurford Humanities Center (HHC).  Comprised of three students, the HCAB will consider how student coursework, senior theses, artistic practice, and other projects might best benefit from HHC support. Meeting regularly with Center staff, Advisory Board members will also review and approve student grant proposals to the Student Arts Fund alongside members of the Humanities Center Steering Committee.  In 10-11, the Advisory Board will conduct a systematic review of every Humanities Center initiative, as well as stage an open call for new ideas from the student body.

HCAB is a one-year appointment.

Questions? Contact James Weissinger (jweissin), Associate Director of the Humanities Center, or any of the 2010-2011 HCAB student rep(s): Aubree Penney ‘13 (apenney).

What is being appointed next week?

Yearbook Editor and James House Board


Ben Van Son and Jake Weisenthal