Campus Center Announcement!

Students’ Council is thrilled to announce that the Campus Center will now be a 24 hour building!

The official Grand Opening is today — Sunday the 6th! The Coop is offering a free small coffee from 11 until 2, and SC will be there to answer any questions! We are also working with the Coop to extend its hours for the coffee bar and snack area until 2 on Sunday-Thursday nights!

We hope that having this additional 24-hour space will provide more room for groups to meet, as well as room for students to work. We continued to receive feedback that students were consistently looking for more space late at night to work or meet, and that the KINSC often became too occupied to fulfill those needs for all students.

We will now be able to work and gather in any of the open work space, including the Coop sitting area, the 205 meeting rooms, as well as the large room (313) at the very top of the stairs, unless those rooms are already reserved. We owe a huge thanks to all of the staff and administrators that have helped to make this happen!

However, with an increase in hours comes a concern about the increased workload on staff based on the possible need for additional clean-up. We really appreciate everyone lending a hand to keep the building clean and neat – we are all caretakers of this building. There will also be visitors, professors, or staff that will continue to stay in the guestrooms on the third floor; please make sure to keep these guests in mind!

Additionally, anytime a building goes 24/7, the entire community must keep in mind issues of safety. Do not let anyone in who is not a Haverford student, and keep an eye out for each other – we are all responsible for our well being. Safety and Security will be a presence in the building, but do make sure to be careful. Enjoy the new space! Yay for great news!