New Dorm Information Forum

Tonight, at 7:00p.m., in Ryan Gym, a number of students and administrators convened to discuss the new dorms and all manner of involved details!

Ron Tola, the Director of Facilities, started out with a PowerPoint presentation covering the overall plan, and then transitioned to many levels of blueprints and graphics showing all of the nittygritty decisions that go into construction. The group then moved towards the freestanding model of a room in the new dorms, and spoke about visual details, concerns, and ideas. Students had all kinds of questions, and Ron and Smitty, the Director of Residential Life, as well as Steve Watter, the Dean of Student Life.

Assembled Students and Administrators

Some of the students in attendance were: Jacob Leland Horn, Katherine Dopulos, Caroline Malapero, Karl Hagnauer (all New Dorm Steering Committee Members), Christy Tavernelli, Phil Drexler, Lizzie Douglas, Florencia Foxley, Andrew Thompson, Daniel Kent, Ben Wohl, Ryan Fackler, Maia Freudenberger, Hilary Malson, Stephanie Contreras, Isobel Grad, Natalie Mueller, and me.

A big thanks to all for attending, and we hope to have a link to the PowerPoint and building plans soon. If you have any further comments or questions about the new dorm(s), please email us at, or Smitty at