Appointments: Honor Council Librarian

Hey there!

This week we are appointing a new Honor Council Librarian. Check out the description below! The application is below and is due this Friday, December 3, at 11:59pm. Interviews will be Sunday, December 5. Please send applications and any questions to us at This is our last appointment of the semester, but look out for next semester’s schedule coming soon!

Honor Council Librarian

The librarian of Honor Council is not a full member of Honor Council, but appointed by SC for a one-year term during the second semester of each academic year. The librarian will not be a current-serving member of Honor Council.

The librarian of Honor Council is responsible for maintaining an updated, documented record of all changes made to the Honor Code or to sections of the Students’ Constitution that concern the Honor Code and Honor Council over the course of his or her term. This record should also include all major publications (i.e., committee findings, letters of concern to/from the administration and faculty, Spring Plenary Packets, etc.) regarding the Honor Code. This record will remain accessible to all community members so that they can view the history and changes of the Honor Code.

The librarian is also responsible for analyzing and interpreting previous Honor Codes, trial abstracts and all other relevant documentation to distinguish and report trends and precedents to the Chair(s).

Powers Granted by Honor Council:
(This is Honor Council’s working description of the position and is open for Council revision:)

– The Librarian will receive, index, and archive all Honor Council documents.
– The Librarian will meet regularly with the Honor Council Executive Officers to discuss past and current cases and is responsible for tracking all incomplete trials or panels including Resolution completion status.
– The Librarian is responsible for maintaining a history of the Honor Code and Student Governance at Haverford.
– The Librarian will collect all requests from community members for confidential information and will present requests to Council.
– The Librarian will maintain a public Council archive that includes all non-confidential Council documents.
– The Librarian will complete a semesterly report (presented in March and October) that discusses trends in trials and reports any concerns in the implementation of The Honor Code.
– The Librarian will maintain a confidential calendar for Honor Council notifying it of future deadlines.
– The outgoing Librarian will orient the new Librarian to his/her responsibilities.
– The Librarian serves as a member of Clearness Committee

Questions? Contact the current Honor Council Librarian, Emma Richards ’12 (eerichar) or either of the current Honor Council Co-Chairs, Anna Brockway ‘12 (abrockwa) and Emily Dix ‘12 (edix).


Due: Friday, December 3 at 11:59 pm

(1) What is your name and class?
(2) Why are you interested in the position?
(3) Have you had any past experience (s) with faculty outside of the classroom?
(4) What do you think this ‘job’ entails?
(5) What sort of vision do you have for this position? Expectations?
(6) Please list all activities you are involved in at the current time and any other
commitments you may have in the future.
(7) Please list all of the times between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. that you are available for
an interview on Sunday, December 5, 2010.